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APAC Track at Shanghai American School

APAC Track and Field Championships

Welcome to all APAC participants and coaches. We are honored to be a part of the APAC family and to be hosts to the 2018 APAC Track and Field Championships. The camaraderie and the commitment to excellence each of you brings to this event contributes to the reputation that APAC enjoys among the broader international community.

We wish you the best of luck in the next few days. Please let us know if there is any way in which you need assistance while you are here. Our activities director, coaches, parents, and student athletes are excited to make your visit a first-rate experience.

Sport events unite our communities in unique ways, and we celebrate the collaboration, perseverance and fun that underlie the APAC experience. Best wishes to each of you. Enjoy each other and your time here at Shanghai American School.

Marcel Gauthier

Marcel G. Gauthier
Head of School, Shanghai American School

Thank you, all, for coming to Shanghai American School to celebrate with us the camaraderie of swimming. We are delighted and honored to be hosting this year’s APAC Track and Field Championship and we wish all of you the best of luck for an exciting series of games. SAS Pudong looks forward to participating and to cheering from the sidelines.

Please enjoy your time with us, and let us know if there is anything we can do to improve the experience for you.

Emily Sargent Beasley

Emily Sargent-Beasley
Deputy Head of School, Pudong

Benjamin Lee

Benjamin Lee
Pudong High School Principal, Pudong

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to Shanghai American School, to the Pudong Campus, and to the 2018 Track and Field Championships. The SAS community is honored to be hosting this event.

The chance to see some of the best athletes from the APAC schools competing and challenging themselves to run, jump and throw to the highest level is a great privilege and the SAS community is excited to witness all their accomplishments.

On behalf of the SAS Activities Office and the Shanghai American School staff, students, and parents we hope you have a wonderful experience while with us.

Scott Hossack

Scott Hossack, Activities Director
Shanghai American School, Pudong Campus