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Middle School

From grades 6-8, we combine a rigorous academic curriculum with a wide range of supplementary student activities. Our students strive to become lifelong learners, and act with integrity and compassion, while pursuing their dreams.

The Middle School program at Shanghai American School focuses on the needs of adolescents. The Middle School provides a nurturing environment where strong relationships, social responsibility and academic excellence are encouraged and enhanced through small learning communities within each grade level.

All students participate in year-long core courses in language arts, math, social studies, science, foreign language, physical education and music. Semester programs in health and art are also offered. Student choice is provided through the Exploratory and After School Activities programs.

Students participate annually in week-long host country cultural experiences through the China Alive program. However, a highlight of the Middle School program is the Microcampus experience. Grade 8 students may choose to participate in this four week off-site interdisciplinary experience that allows students the opportunity to explore, research, and experience Chinese culture in an authentic environment.

Becky Read and Dr. Theron Mott
Middle School Principals
Shanghai American School

Pudong Middle School

Becky Read

Karl Poulin
Vice Principal

Puxi Middle School

Dr. Theron Mott

Ashenden_JohnJohn Ashenden
Vice Principal

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