Admissions Inquiry

Innovation Institute

In response to SAS’s mission and Project Now, the Innovation Institute (I2) is a two-year interdisciplinary project-based learning program wherein students grapple with a series of open-ended, complex questions that address some of humanity’s most pressing problems. It is through each area’s unique content, the application of skills, and the meaningful integration points between disciplines that the I2 student develops the 21st Century skills needed to generate, evolve, and refine creative solutions to the challenges facing modern society.


In an increasingly globalized and technological world, leaders in all areas acknowledge that mastery in critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and communication are essential to our ability to successfully respond to current and future challenges.


The Innovation Institute emphasizes:

  • academically rigorous interdisciplinary tasks and projects;
  • collaborative work;
  • critical thinking, creativity, and communication;
  • connections between disciplines;
  • experience in the design thinking processes;
  • interactions with experts in various fields;
  • flexible schedules (when appropriate) for grouping students according to needs and tasks.


Through your participation in this program, you will leave with a much stronger ability to:

  • identify and respond to complex problems and issues;
  • confidently communicate your ideas in a variety of ways;
  • be comfortable with uncertainty;
  • be vulnerable in sharing ideas and accepting criticism;
  • take risks;
  • effectively collaborate.

Sample Projects