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AP Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a challenging academic program designed to provide motivated high school students with college-level academic courses.

Established in 1955 by the College Board, the AP Program is considered a standard for academic excellence in the United States. AP courses with qualifying exam grades are accepted for credit, advanced placement or both, by most American colleges and universities.

In addition, AP courses and exam grades are used in the admissions process in more than 400 universities outside of the United States. Students enrolled in an AP course at SAS are required to take the AP exam in May.

Students do not formally apply for the AP International Diploma. It is automatically awarded to any AP student who resides outside the United States and who successfully meets the diploma criteria. All SAS AP courses have been approved by the College Board.

The AP program and the APID (AP International Diploma) is offered in 5 core areas.