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Chinese Program

The Chinese Program at Shanghai American School is a comprehensive Chinese language acquisition and development program. The program aims to develop Chinese language knowledge, communicative skills, intercultural understanding and a global-minded disposition.

Almost 2,400 students, who are from all around the world, are taking Chinese in SAS on our two campuses, from Pre-kindergarten to grade 12. The Chinese staff, nearly 40 highly professional teachers and teacher assistants, passionately devote themselves to our students, nurturing them to become successful and confident communicators in the Chinese language.

We are committed to creating a stimulating, enjoyable and collaborative learning environment in all of our Chinese classes. We take a student-centered approach to teaching and learning Chinese, and promote real-life learning experiences. Our students are encouraged to go beyond the classroom, interact with the world surrounding them and foster respect for cultural diversity.

The Chinese Program at SAS consists of seven language proficiency levels, including Foundation, Foundation High, Intermediate, Intermediate High, Advanced, Advanced High and Language A (close to native proficiency), in each of the three divisions, Elementary School, Middle School and High School. In addition, we offer IB Chinese courses, including the Ab initio (foundation course), Language B Standard Level (intermediate course), Language B Higher Level (advanced course) and Language A (language and literature course), to students in grade 11 and 12.

To learn more about the structure and progression in learning, click here.

Chinese Language
Seven levels of language proficiency.

Chinese Literature
A richer understanding of culture and language.

Chinese Intercultural Exchanges
China Alive, Micro-Campus, and other programs develop a deeper understanding.

"My two children went from no Chinese to a strong knowledge of speaking and writing Chinese, and the cultural programs have been exceptional in broadening their worlds."

Heather Ritchie
Parent of 2 children