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Global Languages

SAS is opening the world through language and culture.

Students have the opportunity to take three different global languages at SAS: Chinese, French, and Spanish. Students can expect exposure to different resources such as online dictionaries, newspapers, podcasts, blogs, and other authentic websites in the target language. Language and culture help students build broader experience and develop proficiency in given languages.  

In elementary school Chinese language courses are offered starting in pre-kindergarten and continue through high school.

Middle school students and high school students have the opportunity to choose French, Spanish, or continue their Chinese language courses.

For all three languages, SAS helps guide the students through a progression of learning, from beginner to advanced.  Read more about the approach in the three program pages. 

Chinese Program
SAS offers comprehensive Chinese language acquisition and development.

French Language
A trip to Paris help students gain a deeper understanding of culture and language.

Spanish Language
Students have an opportunity to broaden their Spanish with trips to Spain.