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Elementary School

From pre-kindergarten through grade 5, our elementary students are inspired to gain a lifelong passion for learning, a commitment to act with integrity and compassion, and the courage to live their dreams.

In line with the school mission at SAS, we believe that all students have a natural passion for learning and are inquisitive and responsive to learning opportunities. Our aim is to provide opportunities for students to be involved in authentic learning and provide experiences that allow all students to be excited by learning and successful in the future.

The Elementary School curriculum is standards based. Teachers provide instruction through a range of strategies that reflect best practice. A comprehensive curriculum focused on strong foundational skills in language arts, math, social studies and science provides the core of the curriculum. Specialist subjects are also offered in Chinese language, physical education, library, music and art.

Classroom teachers provide differentiated instruction to cater for individual student needs while students who require EAL and AS are supported with specific programs or instruction to meet their needs. At SAS we provide an environment of high expectations and value academic excellence where the focus for all students is on learning.


Michael Allen and Michael Hibbeln
Elementary School Principals
Shanghai American School

Pudong Elementary School

Michael HibbeinMichael Hibbeln

Sanna Robinson
Vice Principal

Puxi Elementary School

Michael Allen

Teri Lynn Ferentz
Vice Principal