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EAL Program

Shanghai American School is committed to providing an EAL (English as an Additional Language) program for students whose mother tongue is not English. This program aims to give our students the specific skills necessary to achieve academic success in the regular classroom and all aspects of their school life. In order to provide students with the most effective language-learning environment, the EAL program at SAS operates with multiple levels of support; EAL Plus and EAL.

EAL Plus

Shanghai American School students in EAL Plus receive direct English language support in a small group setting during their Language Learning Block (LLB). Instruction is targeted to meet the student's language development and skill area needs. Activities and lessons are planned to help the student develop balanced skills across the four domains of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Core content and vocabulary development are also supported in EAL Plus, so that students can successfully meet grade level learning goals. In addition, EAL Plus students benefit from in-class support in their regular classrooms.

EAL Plus is designed for students who need additional language instruction. The specific requirements vary by grade level based on core class academic language expectations. EAL Plus is offered on both the Pudong and Puxi campuses and for students in grades 1-10.


EAL (English as an Additional Language) students receive support within their regular classroom that is planned according to students' developmental and English language needs. The EAL support teachers, in collaboration with classroom teachers, plan and organize learning activities to target instruction for EAL students and to monitor their progress. This support may vary throughout the year and can range from the EAL teacher co-planning with the classroom teacher to providing small group or one-on-one instruction during the regular classroom lessons.

EAL is designed for students who need in-class language support, but are sufficiently proficient to not require additional contact time with an EAL specialist. EAL is offered on both the Pudong and Puxi campuses and for students in grades 1-10.