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China Alive

A tradition at Shanghai American School (and many international schools around the world) is to extend learning for a week each year outside of the regular classroom walls. At SAS, we call this experience China Alive! Students in grades 6-10 are expected to participate in this experience which takes place in May of each year.

China Alive is a natural extension of our core program as it reinforces the skills and content in our existing curriculum. In addition to the academic curriculum, it also promotes the development of personal dispositions, values, and character. This program can at times take students out of their comfort zones and put them into new situations that help students grow and develop. It also provides students opportunities to further develop many skills including cultural awareness, self-esteem, creative thinking, problem-solving, community service, independence, cooperation, trust, global perspective, self-reliance, international citizenship, physical challenges, and teamwork.

China Alive Gallery