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Cultural Programs

Learning the local culture or engaging the world are key components in the way students learn at SAS. Students have the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom in programs that places them in China Alive experiences, living at Microcampus, or participating in Model United Nations to name a few.

The China Alive program is a highlight to many of the students, as they take a week-long trip with teachers and fellow students to various areas of China. Middle school and high school students find it a wonderful educational and cultural experience.

The Microcampus program is unique to SAS, where Grade 8 students spend 4 weeks during the school year living and learning in a small village in Yunnan province.

The Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nation organization. Students research and write resolutions on UN related topics. Students also watch documentaries and movies on issues of global concern such as the environment, human rights, water, food, poverty and war. The culminating event is a student led conference where delegates from various countries and regions gather to collectively resolve these issues.

Also, the language courses, Chinese, French or Spanish, play a major role in cross-cultural learning. The language course can extend into extra curriculum activities that are often student-driven clubs. The clubs, Chinese, French and Spanish, participate in cultural exchanges, including more community services, such as helping to support local schools, teaching English to local support staff, or visiting local children in hospitals.

The elementary school level students also place an emphasis on cultural learning, often taking place in their language classes. Additionally, as a classroom activity, elementary students visit local schools and participate in sessions given by local speakers.

A unique Microcampus program to connect students with their host country.

China Alive, a highlight in the middle school and early high school experience.

Model United Nations students travel to Singapore.