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The Office of Advancement produces numerous publications annually. You can view more below. Print copies can be found on either campus in the admission or communications offices.

The Eagle Review Cover Page

About The Eagle Review

Our school magazine, The Eagle Review, is published four times a year and it’s at great look inside the exciting world at SAS. Our students are always on-the-go. So on-the-go it makes it hard to keep up-to-date with everything that’s going on. Lucky for us, this magazine helps keep our community informed with the latest and most interesting happenings. The articles vary widely and topics include a dolphin safari in New Zealand, a trip to the NASA Space Academy in Alabama, traveling to a school for orphans in Malawi, and a band trip to Myanmar—and that was just one issue.

Click here to read the current issue.

Eagle Navigator Cover

Eagle Navigator.
This is your guide to the 2017-18 school year that includes the school year calendar, maps, contact information, and more. Click here to read online or download pdf here.

50 Things You'll Love About SAS.
50 things that our community thinks you should know, and love, about our school. Click here to read online or download pdf here.

Annual Report 2016-2017

Annual Report.
Inside you’ll find a comprehensive review of the 2016-17 SAS school year. Click here to download pdf.

The Case for 21st Century Learning. Find out more about 21st century learning and why we are big fans. Click here to read more.

Children's World at SAS.
Seeking out our students' voices. Click here to read more.