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New Faculty 2017-2018

Shanghai American School welcomes the following new faculty and staff members.

Pudong Campus

Erin Scripnick Erin Scripnick
Kindergarten Teacher

Caroline Ellis Caroline Ellis
Elementary School Teacher, Grade 3

Michael Ram Michael Ram
Elementary School Teacher, Grade 5

Christiana Bunica Christiana Bunica
Elementary School Teacher, Music

Brian Amlani Brian Amlani
Middle School Math Teacher

Stephen Finegold Stephen Finegold
Middle School Theatre Teacher

Stephen Carozza Stephen Carozza
Middle School Science Teacher

Hallie Harrison Hallie Harrison
Middle School Humanities Teacher

Jeanne Carozza Jeanne Carozza
Middle School Humanities Teacher

Stacy Hassler Stacy Hassler
Middle School Counselor

Amanda Young Amanda Young
High School Teacher

Melinda Rose Mindy Rose
Director of College Counseling

Matthew Clapp Matthew Clapp
High School Social Studies Teacher

Annalee Higginbottom Annalee Higginbottom
High School Technology Instructional Coach, Grade 6-12

Stephanie Fletcher Stephanie Fletcher
High School Dance Teacher 0.4

Anna Shi Anna Shi
High School Chinese Teacher

Puxi Campus

Melanie Corcino Melanie Corcino
Kindergarten Teacher

Jennifer TustinPark Jennifer TustinPark
Elementary School Teacher, Grade 1

Karin Martin Karin Martin
Elementary School Teacher, Grade 1

Laura Nossal Laura Nossal
Elementary School Teacher Grade 2

Jill Alexander Jill Alexander
Elementary School Teacher, Grade 2

Lauren Clark Lauren Clark
Elementary School Teacher, Grade 3

Jessica Norman Jessica Norman
Elementary School Teacher, Grade 4

Colleen McCabe Colleen McCabe
Elementary School Teacher, Grade 5

Kevin Ayow Kevin Ayow
Elementary School PE Teacher, K-5

Lori Han Lori Han
EC Learning Intervention

Cailin Minor Cailin Minor
Grade 3-5 Literacy Social Studies Teacher

Matthew Minor Matthew Minor
LS Math Specialist

JillStansbury Jill Stansbury
EC SEL Specialist

Adam Pettway Adam Pettway
Middle School Science Teacher, Grade 7

Janice Holland Janice Holland
Middle School Counselor

Jennifer Tiefel Jennifer Tiefel
Middle School Art Teacher

Louise Saddington Louise Saddington
Middle School Health Teacher

Lora Herbert Lora Herbert
Middle School Language Arts Teacher, Grade 6

Monica Sandifer Monica Sandifer
Middle School French Spanish Teacher

Kirk Holland Kirk Holland
Middle School Drama Teacher

Shannon TustinPark Shannon TustinPark
Middle School EAL Teacher, Grade 6

Danielle Sheppard Danielle Sheppard
High School PE Teacher

Scott Anstett Scott Anstett
High School Visual Arts Teacher

Joanna See Joanna Sée
High School Learning Support

Toni Hewett Toni Hewett
High School AP/IB Program Coordinator

Guillermo Machado Guillermo Machado
High School Math Teacher

Thomas Colt Thomas Colt
High School College Counselor

Jason Tiefel Jason Tiefel
Technology Instructional Coach, Grade 6-12

Marc Biefnot Marc Biefnot
High School French Teacher

Darrell Townshend Darrell Townshend
High School Orchestra Teacher

Heather Ireland Ann Ireland
High School Counselor

Brian Dougherty Brian Dougherty
High School Social Studies (Psychology) Teacher

Samoa Mithaq Samoa Mithaq
High School Math Teacher

Sean Menton Sean Menton
High School College Counselor

JuLain Mooney JuLain Mooney
High School Science Teacher

Mark Moody Mark Moody
Director of College Counseling

Jeremy Greene Jeremy Greene
Phychologist, Campuswide


Support Staff

Anuja Dorle Anuja Dorle
Admissions Officer, Schoolwide

Rachael Muldoon Rachael Muldoon
HR Generalist, Schoolwide

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