Admissions Inquiry


Shanghai American School is one of Asia's premier international schools. We attract and retain leading educators, who share and embody the school's mission to create a lifelong passion for learning.

The SAS faculty and staff represent an international community of students, parents, teachers, counselors, psychologists, librarians, language specialists, and administrators. Our teachers alone represent more than 27 countries, with nearly two thirds from North America. Over 90 percent of the faculty are foreign nationals, and all of the teachers are certified, with nearly 60 percent holding advanced degrees, master's and twelve doctorates.

The dedicated and inspiring faculty at SAS is one of the school’s major strengths, and we intend to keep and build on it. Providing professional development, exceptional facilities, and an open collegiate exchange of best practices and diverse experiences are key ways we invest in our teachers.

Examples of professional development include: weekly sessions, dedicated budgets, mentoring, and continued education. We support our teaching with state-of-the-art facilities that include gymnasiums, IT centers, science laboratories, music and art rooms, playing fields, outdoor tracks, two stunning Performing Arts Centers, blackbox theaters, and two aquatic centers. Our combined libraries contain the largest English-language collection of books in Asia.

Our faculty does amazing things, including inspiring students with their own pursue of our mission: lifelong passion to learn, a commitment to act with integrity and compassion, and he courage to live their dreams. We have seen our teachers travel the world for adventures in Anatarica, non-profit work in Africa, art exhibits and competitions, and math and science studies in North America and Europe.

"I have become a better teacher since coming to SAS thanks to their focus on adopting and supporting the pursuit of best practice. In regard to professional development at SAS, I feel completely empowered and supported to pursue unique and innovative pedagogical and curricular design."

MS Social Studies Teacher
Puxi Campus

"Being surrounded by the spaces, resources, colleagues, and opportunities provided by SAS, gives me the courage and skills to continually grow professionally. SAS is a safe and open place that gives educators the tools and confidence to make our SAS mission a reality."

Middle School Counselor
Pudong Campus