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SAS Bus Offices

Pudong Campus

Transportation Supervisor: Henry Zhu
Tel: 6221-1445* 3257
Transportation Assistant: Ace Chen
Tel: 6221-1445* 3297
Transportation Assistant: Justin Liu
Tel: 6221-1445* 3298
Office hotline after office hours:
(+86) 1381 780 6990

Puxi Campus

Transportation Supervisor: Jason Huang
Tel: 6221-1445* 2327
Transportation Assistant: Emma Liu
Tel: 6221-1445* 2311
Transportation Assistant: Jimmy Zong
Tel: 6221-1445* 2325
Office hotline after office hours:
(+86) 1381 766 7902


Convenient, Enjoyable, Reliable, Safe

Shanghai American School provides daily bus service for more than 2,200 pre-K through grade 12 students, faculty and staff. Riding the bus is a time to connect with friends, do homework, read or just enjoy some personal quiet time.

SAS's Bus Fleet

The bus fleet has over 140 coach buses and students ride in climate-controlled comfort in upholstered seats complete with seat belts. All buses have a bus monitor and are equipped with GPS tracking systems, cell phone and first aid and emergency supplies.

Bus Pickup Locations

Morning and afternoon buses serve neighborhoods throughout most of the urban Shanghai area. Most bus stops are located within a short walk from families' homes.

Bus Routes and Ride Times

The morning and afternoon bus routes extend into most of the urban areas of Shanghai and ride times vary depending upon location and daily traffic. For more detailed bus route information, contact the SAS transportation department.

Riding the Bus

Students in grade 2 and younger sit in assigned seats at the front of the bus, followed by upper elementary students, middle school students, and high school students. Although the bus service is optional, students of all ages enjoy spending time with their friends, studying, listening to music, or doing quiet activities while riding the bus ride. A bus monitor is on each bus and students are required to wear seat belts.

After School Activity (ASA) Bus Service

Transportation, major stops, not door-to-door service, is available for students participating in co-curricular sports, clubs and activities after school. An example of after school activity bus departure times include:

Pudong Campus: 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm

Puxi Campus: 4:15 pm, 5:15 pm, 6:00 pm

Bus Monitors

Bus monitors are designated for each SAS bus. They are responsible for the safety and well-being of their bus riders and help foster a sense of community on each bus. They are all first aid trained by school nurses.

Communication with Parents

There is an extensive communication system between all parties including the school, parents, bus drivers and bus monitors. During all bus rides the school is in contact with each bus. Parents are able to communicate with the transportation office at any time.