Recent High and Medium Risk Areas in ChinaInformation is current as of April 27, 2022 at 4:00 pm, reflecting last Shanghai Bendibao (WeChat ID: shbendibao) update from April 27, 2022 at 10:00 am.

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High Risk Areas 

1. Jilin province, Jilin city, Kuancheng district, Tuanshan residential district, Xiaonanjie community

2. Fujian province:

  • Ningde city, Jiaocheng district, Qidu town, Huangcuo village
  • Ningde city, Jiaocheng district, Qidu town, Dating village

3. Heilongjiang province:

  • Ha'erbin city, Nangang district, Wanggang town
  • Ha'erbin city, Nangang district, Yuejin residential district

4. Beijing, Chaoyang district:

  • Panjiayuan residential district, Songyuli community
  • Shibalidian countryside, Middle Zhoujiazhuang road no.19

Medium Risk Areas (Due to the large increasing numbers of medium-risk areas, we will only specify the areas in Shanghai. As for other province and cities, we list the district information of where the areas are. If you want to know more details, please check this link.)

1. Shanghai:

  • Pudong new district, Beicai town, Lianqin village, Fengqiaonanzhai
  • Huangpu district, Dapuqiao residential district, Shunchang road lane no.612, no.20
  • Chongming district, Changxing town, Changming village 21 dui
  • Pudong new district, Rijing road no.88
  • Jiading district, Malu town, Kangnian road no.261
  • Pudong new district, Beicai town, Pengfei road lane 441, no.6
  • Jiading district, Jiangqiao town, Zengjian village, Chaizhong villager group
  • Minhang district, Meilong town, Xujing village group 8
  • Chongming district, Changxing town, Xingang village 15 dui
  • Minhang district, Meilong town, Xingnan village 3 dui
  • Minhang district, Huacao town, Xupu village 3 dui
  • Pudong new district, Kangqiao town, Miaoqiao road lane 935 no.19
  • Pudong new district, Beicai town, Yubei road no.235

2. Fujian province, Ningde city, Jiaocheng district

3. Hunan province, Shaoyang city:

  • Shuangqing district
  • Daxiang district
  • Beita district

4. Hebei province: 

  • Tangshan city, Qian'an city
  • Xingtai city, Nanhe district
  • Handan city
    • Jize county
    • Wei county

5. Henan province, Luohe city, Yancheng county

6. Jilin province:

  • Jilin city: 
    • Changyi district
    • Chuanying district
  • Baicheng city, Baicheng Normal University
  • Changchun city:
    • Nanguan district
    • Jiutai district
    • Changchun new district
    • Jingkai district
    • Jingyue district
    • Lvyuan district
    • Kuancheng district

7. Heilongjiang province, Ha'erbin city:

  • Nangang district
  • Xiangfang district
  • Shuangcheng district
  • Daoli district

8. Jiangsu province:

  • Xuzhou city, Suining county
  • Suzhou city, Kunshan city

9. Shaanxi province, Xi'an city, Xixian new district

10. Shanxi province, Taiyuan city, Qingxu county

11. Inner Mongolia, Hulunbe'er City, Manzhouli city

12. Liaoning province, Dandong city, Zhenxing district

13. Beijing:

  • Fangshan district, Doudian town
  • Chaoyang district
    • Panjiayuan residential district
    • Fatou residential district
    • Sanjianfang countryside
    • Nanmofang countryside
    • Shibalidian countryside
    • Shuangjing residential district