Recent High and Medium Risk Areas in ChinaAs published by Shanghai Bendibao (WeChat ID: shbendibao) on April 12, 2021 - 8:00pm.

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High Risk Areas  

  1. Yunnan province, Ruili City:
  • Jiegaoguomen community
  • Tuanjie villager’s committee Jinkan, Nonghan Area (south of Ruili Avenue)
  • Xiangang Alley and Guangming Alley villagers’ groups

Medium Risk Areas 

  1. Yunnan province, Ruili City:
  • Xinsheng Shidaijiayuan compound
  • Ruijing Road, Hongzhuanchang
  • Xinghe Lanwan compound
  • Shuangmao villagers’ group
  • Nong’an villagers’ group
  • Zhubao road, Laoshipinchang staff quarter

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Last update:April 12, 2021