Career Coaching+Paragon One

SAS is excited to provide alumni with exclusive career mentorship, career boot camps and remote internship opportunities through our new partner Paragon One.

“Our mission at Paragon One is to enable and motivate college students and recent graduates to understand themselves, improve, and secure their best-fit career opportunity,’ said Matt Wilkerson, Co-founder and CEO at Paragon One. 

Career Mentoring.  A tailored 1:1 coaching experience with a dedicated career coach and a team of industry professionals. Paragon One advisors are industry experts in a variety of fields including finance, consulting, marketing, data science, software development, and entrepreneurship. These advisors help students discover their passions and strengths and explore best-fit career options.  Advisors also prepare students to ace interviews at target companies in their desired career path. 

Career Bootcamps. Online sessions that are led by industry professionals, and teach students skills through project-based learning such as game design, product design, how to price an IPO, how to launch a blockchain, and how to launch an AI chatbot without a programming background. The unique part of these boot camps is that they are led by subject matter experts such as the former VP of Product at Netflix or Chief Financial Officer of China Online Education. 

Remote Internships. Experiential training programs that connect SAS alumni with private equity firms, venture capital firms, YCombinator startups, and more to complete real projects and boost your resume and skill portfolio.  Remote internship programs take place over an 8-week period, are highly flexible with college schedules, and can be completed in 5 to 10 hours per week. All programs come with industry-specific and project-specific training plus mentorship from a Paragon One internship manager.  All SAS alumni who apply to a remote internship training program will be automatically accepted. 

Paragon One helps top students around the world land internships and launch their careers much faster than normal. Paragon One has been featured in Forbes, NPR, CNBC, and Yahoo! Finance, and is backed by YCombinator, University Ventures, Learn Capital, and Foundation Capital. 

If you are interested in learning more about these services, visit Paragon One’s website or email and mention you are an SAS alum.