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SAS vacancies are updated weekly. Click on either the positions that are immediately available, or upcoming positions for the 2018-2019 school year below. To read the corresponding job descriptions, click on the job title.

Locally-Hired Faculty

Locally hired faculty are those who have come to Shanghai of their own volition and are subsequently hired by the school. Their decision for coming to Shanghai may be to accompany a spouse or partner who will be working in Shanghai, or any other circumstances that would cause them to be here prior to the hiring process.

Overseas-Hired Faculty

Overseas hired teachers are those who are recruited from abroad by the School specifically to work at SAS. Overseas hired teachers may be recruited through advertisements and follow-up interviews, recruitment fairs and/or other venues in which they will be considered.

Support Staff and Teaching Assistants

Support staff members work in administrative positions in various departments. Teaching assistants work in the elementary and middle school divisions to provide support to our students and teachers in the classroom and other learning facilities on campus. Both groups are locally-hired employees.

Compensation packages vary by employee group. For more information, click here.

Recruiting Fairs

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