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Pudong PTSA
Learn more about PTSA events and other activities.

Learn more about PTSA events and other activities.

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SAS Parent, Teacher, and Student Association.


SAS has a very large and active Parent, Teacher, and Student Association (PTSA). The PTSA is a volunteer organization that supports and enhances the school community through social, educational, and fund-raising activities. Membership is automatic to any family who has a child enrolled at SAS. The PTSA helps to enrich the SAS community in several ways: Connect the community through the parent and teacher social events, teacher appreciation week, neighbor-to-neighbor program, divisional coffees and other social events. Communicate through the PTSA blog and weekly e-mails. Enhance the school environment through fund raising via the Eagle Shop and various other activities. The funds raised throughout the year help provide the students, school, and faculty with "extras" that are not funded through the annual school budget.

Meet your executive committees.

PTSA Executive Committee Pudong

Hui Jin - President

Nova Claudine Susetya - VP, Treasurer

Yuqing Zhong - VP, Sponsorship

Malavika Nambiar - VP, Communications

Gauri Chary - VP, High School

Yaling Wang - VP, Middle School

Paula Russel - VP, Elementary School

PTSA Executive Committee Puxi

President: Iris Hsu

Vice President, Events: Stacey LoFrano Harrison

Vice President, Communications: Lydia Lee

Vice President, Eagle Shop: Sandi Heald

Treasurer: Grace Zhang

Secretary: Sam Datta

ES Head Representative: Monica Lindblad

MS Head Representative: Christina Ye

HS Head Representatives: Sophie Shi & Grace Zhang

Chinese Cultural Liaison: Letian Xu

Korean Cultural Liaison: Sally Yi

Booster Club : Sam Datta

College Corner : Sam Datta

Joining the PTSA is a great way to make wonderful new friends, to become more familiar with SAS, and to make a positive impact on the school and your child's education.

Pudong PTSA Events



Puxi PTSA Events



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