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New Faculty 2016-2017

Shanghai American School welcomes the following new faculty and staff members.

Pudong Campus

Puxi Campus

Amy_Smith Amy Smith
Elementary School Teacher

Brian_Chalmers Brian Chalmers
Elementary School Teacher

Jeri Manning Jeri Manning
Elementary School EAL Teacher, Grade 3

Justen_Roselle Justen Roselle
Elementary School Physical Education Teacher

Larissa Nelson Larissa Nelson
Elementary School Teacher, Pre-K

Dennis_Burns Dennis Burns
Elementary School Teacher

Eva Cox Eva Cox
Elementary School Teacher, Kindergarten

Christian_Phipps Christian Phipps
Elementary School Teacher, Pre-K

Roxanne_Wu Roxanne Wu
Elementary School Teacher, Kindergarten

 Monica Albertini Monica Albertini
Middle School Conselor

Tifani Sadek Tifani Sadek
Middle School PE/Health Teacher

Joshua Sadek Joshua Sadek
Middle School Math Teacher

Matthew Errico Matthew Errico
Middle School Language Arts Teacher

Jeanna_Errico Jeanne Tyner Errico
Elementary School EAL Teacher

Devon Fisher Devon Fisher
Middle School Stagecraft Teacher

David_Fisher David Fisher
Middle School Language Arts Teacher

Rodrigo De Marco Rodrigo De Marco
Middle School PE Teacher, CISSA Coordinator

Kathleen_Hoeber Kathleen Cantu Hoeber
Middle School Science Teacher, Grade 7

Brad_Evans Bradly Evans
Middle School Social Studies Teacher

Andrew_Miller Andrew Miller
Middle School Instructional Coach

Jen_Naughton Jennifer Naughton
Middle School Math Teacher

Mary_Burns Mary Burns
Middle School Language Arts Teacher, Grade 6

Fiona_Johnston Fiona Johnston
Middle School Nurse

Christopher_Ogle (Christopher) Robert Ogle
High School French/Spanish Teacher

Jonathan_SMITH Jonathan Smith
High School IB Physics Teacher

Jonathan_Hubb Jonathan Hubbs
High School Economics Teacher

Kay_Saich Kay Saich
High School Math Teacher

Williams_Simon Simon Williams
High School I.B.D.P Theatre Teacher

Tracie_Dotson Tracie Dotson
High School Counselor

Linsey_Dotson Linsey Dotson
High School Counselor

Aaron_Beetz Aaron Beetz
High School Math Teacher

Tom Holden Tom Holden
High School Biology Teacher

Eric_Motzko Eric Motzko
High School Counselor

James_Murphy Jim Murphy
Learning Support Specialist

Natalie Stitt Natalie Stitt
High School English Teacher

Brandon_Wolf Brandon Wolf
High School Social Studies Teacher

Laura Wolf Laura Wolf
High School Social Studies Teacher

Lucy Atkinson Lucy Atkinson
High School Art Teacher

Tanya_Hawkes Tanya Hawkes
High School Math Teacher


Emmanuel Bonin Emmanuel Bonin
Deputy Head of School for Educational Programs

Emily_Sargent-Beasley Emily Sargent-Beasley
Deputy Head of School, Pudong Campus

George_Entwistle Dr. George Entwistle
Deputy Head of School, Puxi Campus

Benjamin Lee Benjamin Lee
High School Principal, Pudong Campus

Support Staff

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